Snails of the week

These days we've been learning a lot about both vertebrate and invertebrate animals. That's why we've been drawing one of our favorite invertebrates, the snail. Here are some of the best:

Juan Ross (3C)

Alvaro Glaría (3C)

Jesús Solá (3C)

Mosaic of the week

This beautiful mosaic belongs to a student in 3A. Can you guess whose drawing is it?

When you do your mosaics remember:

1. Don't make your squares TOO BIG, but don't make them too small either!!
2. Glue your squares one next to the other, not one on top of the other!!
3. Make sure that your squares don't go out of the drawing!!

Mosaic of the week

Our visit to see the mosaics at the Museum of Navarre inspired our students to create some mosaics of their own. Here you can see one from Iosu Echeveste (3A). Hope you like it!!

Some of our Christmas drawings

This month we have been putting a lot of effort making Christmas drawings for the Arts class. Here are some of the best:


This week we've had some pretty good pictures from 3rd Primary. Here are two of the best:

Francisco Calonge (3B)

Alvaro Soto (3C)

If you want to see your drawing here, remember:

- Colour in one direction only
- Draw gently (suavemente) with the pencil, then press hard when you start colouring
- Use dark colours in the foreground and light colours in the background

Alvaro and Francisco, congratulations!! Keep up the good work!!